Bianca Eden Riegel on left and Reese Tamara Braun on rightb

Reese Williams and Bianca Montgomery are fictional characters and a Gay couple from the ABC daytime drama All My Children. Reese was portrayed by Tamara Braun, and Bianca was portrayed by Eden Riegel. On Internet message boards, the pairing is commonly referred to by the portmanteaus "Rianca" (for Reese and Bianca) and "Breese" (for Bianca and Reese). The couple debuted in October 2008 and is groundbreaking for featuring the first same-sex marriage proposal, as well as the first legal same-sex wedding and marriage, on an American soap opera.[1] In addition, the pairing's family is the first onscreen family of same-sex parents in the history of American daytime television

Actress History Edit

Bianca is played by Eden Riegel and Reese is played by Tamara Braun. They are good friends in real life, and they played on All My Children.

Character History Edit



  • Erica Kane, (Bianca Mother)
  • Travis Montgomery (Bianca Father, Deceased)
  • Claire Williams (Reese Mother)
  • Forrest Williams (Reese Father)



Aunts & UnclesEdit




  1. Warn, Sarah. "Reese Proposes to Bianca on All My Children", Retrieved on 2008-11-09. 

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