Celia Fitzgerald
Amc - jordan lane price
Jordan Lane Price as Celia Fitzgerald
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Jordan Lane Price (2013-present)
Current status Contract
Duration 2013-present
First appearance April 29, 2013
Created by Marlene McPherson
Elizabeth Snyder
Introduced by Ginger Smith
Gender Female
Born c1995
Age 18
Occupation Private School Tutor/Volunteer at Miranda Center
Residence Bramwell High Private School
Parents Unknown Guardian
Romances Pete Cortlandt (mutual infatuation, though Pete seems to have a crush on Celia)

Celia Fitzgerald is a new fictional character on Prospect Park's Online Reboot of AMC.  She is protrayed by actress Jordan Lane Price from 2013-present.  Her first scenes was in the online reboot premiere episode on April 29th, 2013. Price was reported to being the new Miranda Montgomery, but Denyse Tontz was casted instead.



She is seen walking when Pete Cortlandt drives by and later drops her stuff when Pete accidentally bumps into her.  Pete helps her pick up her belongings.  She eats her apple off the ground and states that she is working as a teacher at her old high school.  Pete seems intrigued by her.  Celia goes back to the school dormitories and begins a conversation with Headmistress Evelyn Johnson On April 30th, Celia continues her talk with Evelyn and it is revealed that she is 18.  She tutors students and counsels hookers at the Miranda Center.  She works with Brooke English at the Miranda Center. Despite her being 18, she has a guardian and she must obey him.  She is forced to stay in, but she is able to tour famous landmarks around the world.  Celia states that she wants to be with a guy.  Celia pleads with the Evelyn, to talk to the guardian about giving her some freedom.  Celia goes to Brooke's to show Brooke the brochure that she has been working for the Miranda Center.  Celia and Brooke goes to the kitchen to find Brooke's coffee and Opal uses the time to delete the file.  Celia comes back in and sees that it is lost, but she needs to head out.  Opal misses her opportunity to match her son and Celia for another 'chance' encounter.  Celia is informed that there is now tighter restrictions, which makes her wonder if she should leave.  However, Evelyn reminds her that she doesn't have anywhere else to go to.  Celia goes over to Adam and Brooke's and says that her guardian doesn't want her to work with Brooke anymore, but she decides that she will anyway.  She heads back to her dorm where she finds a tablet with a message from Pete saying that they have been just missing each other at various times and he is standing outside of her window.  They go on their first date.

Brooke comes over to her dorm room and notices the abundance of flowers. Celia states that they are from Pete and that she is falling for Pete. Celia heads out and Pete set up another meeting, but when Celia returns to Jane's Addictions Pete's friend Dylan Wilder is talking about when Pete will get into Celia's pants.  Celia storms out before hearing Pete saying that he feels differently about Celia and he wants a future with her.  Pete thinks that he is getting stood up and calls Celia, but she is throwing her flowers away.  She goes over to the Chandler's and talks to Miranda about their romantic woes during their study session.  AJ was running around town.  Celia goes to Jane's and sees Pete.  They both snub each other thinking that the other one is at fault.

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