Frankie Stone
Frankie Stone - Elizabeth Hendrickson
Elizabeth Hendrickson as Frankie Stone
All My Children
Portrayed by Elizabeth Hendrickson
Current status Former, deceased
Duration 2001
First appearance September 27
Last appearance November 28, 2001
Cause/reason Killed, murder mystery of 2001
Created by Richard Culliton
Introduced by Jean Dadario Burke
Parents Gwyneth Bennett Stone
Siblings Maggie Stone
Romances Bianca Montgomery (budding relationship)
Aunts and uncles Vanessa Bennett
First cousins David Hayward (via Vanessa)
Leo du Pres
Trey Kenyon
Babe Carey (once-removed, via David)
Marissa Tasker (once-removed, via David)
AJ Chandler (twice-removed via Babe/David)
Leora Hayward (once-removed, via David with Anna Devane, deceased)
Oliver Castillo (once-removed, via David with Cara Castillo)

Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone was a fictional character on ABC All My Children that appeared in 2001.


Frankie Stone was introduced early in 2001 she was hit by Erica Kane's car who thought you was a con artist she became friends with and eventually became the lover of Bianca Montgomery Erica Kane's daughter she was revealed to be Vanessa Courtland's niece  and Leo Dupree's cousin  Erica tried desperately to keep Frankie and Bianca apart but she was unsuccessful she was found dead in myrtles boardinghouse and Erica was there Bianca and the whole town believe that Erica murdered Frankie because she didn't want her to be with Bianca but she's actually murdered by a drug lord in Town who turned out to be Vanessa  after Frankie's death her sister twin sister Maggie Stone came into town to find out who killed her sister