Heather Kent
Stevie steel as heather
Stevie Steel as Heather
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Stevie Steel
Current status Recurring
Duration 2013-
First appearance April 30, 2013
Gender Female
Age 16
Occupation Student at Bramwell High; private school
Residence Bramwell High
Romances AJ Chandler (dating)

Heather Kent [1]is a fictional character on the Online Reboot of AMC.  She goes to the same private school that Celia Fitzgerald tutors at.



Heather bursts into Celia's room and says about Celia meeting a cute guy.  However, Heather doesn't see that the headmistress Evelyn Johnson is standing right there.  She is then seen at Jane McIntyre's coffee shop, which Pete Cortlandt mistakenly thinks that she is Celia. Pete uses this mistake to get more information on Celia. (4-30-13) She is seen helping Miranda Montgomery when a clique of women who support the evil deeds of Hunter Morrison tries to make Miranda feel worse. She meets AJ before the Hayward press conference (5-29-13).


  1. Her last name was revealed on 5-29-13 closing credits.