Kathy Martin
Kathy Martin - Dannika Northcott
Dannika Northcott as Kathy Martin
All My Children
Portrayed by Dannika Liddell

Alexa Gerasmovich

Current status Former
Duration 2002, 2006-2011
First appearance 6/2/2002; December 26, 2006
Last appearance September 21, 2011
Introduced by Aj chandler
Book appearances Harry Potter chamber of the secrets
Family Jillian may Martin sister
Nickname(s) Kat
Alias(es) Jillian and Kendall and aj and Jr
Namesake(s) Kate
Species Human
Gender Female
Born June 2, 2002
Died Shot on the head
Age 12
Cause of death Murder by aj chandler
Occupation Student
Residence Tad's house
Parents Tad Martin (biological father)
Dixie Cooney
Jim and Linda Mershon (former adoptive parents)
Siblings Jamie Martin (via Tad with Brooke)
Damon Miller (via Tad with Hillary)
Jenny Martin (via Tad with Dixie)
JR Chandler (via Dixie with Adam)
Jenna sis Bryan bro ]]bryon -bro - Gina sis - Paulie bro -Hollis sis-
Nieces and nephews AJ Chandler (via JR with Babe)

Kathleen "Kathy" Martin (formerly Mershon) is the daughter of Dixie Cooney and her husband Tad Martin. She was adopted by Jim and Linda Mershon because of the fact that her biological mother's doctor kidnapped her and gave to her adoptive parents.


Backstory and Life, 2002, 2006-2011Edit

She was born on June 2, 2002. Kathy was given up for adoption by Dixie when she thought she was dying. Dixie lived and then spent the next four years looking for her, letting everyone think that she died. Kathy was adopted by Jim and Linda Mershon and had a happy life. Jim and Linda later died in a car crash Christmas 2006, and Kathy was taken in by Julia Santos. Kathy lived with Julia for over a year, and went to live with her father Tad following Julia's death in May 2008. Kathy ran away from her father after hearing him and Krystal fighting about Krystal's affair. Kathy returned to her father and recently, Krystal returned to her family and is currently living with her daughter and ex-husband. In August 2011, it is revealed that her mom, Dixie, is still alive and Dixie and Kathy meet for the first time.

2013, AMC mentionsEdit

She is mentioned by her mother Dixie when she is talking to her (Kathy's) paternal grandfather Tad Martin saying that Tad and Dixie should be planning their wedding and living together with Kathy.

2013, AMC's reboot mentionEdit

In 2013, Dixie is talking to Joe Martin (Tad's father) and explains that Tad is on an assignment and wished that Tad could be there to be family with her and Kathy.