Pete Cortlandt
Pete cortlandt
Robert Scott Wilson as Pete Cortlandt
Online Reboot of AMC
All My Children
Portrayed by Jack McKillop (1997-1999)
Casey Gunther (1999-2002)
Mitchel David Federan (2002-2003)
Daniel Kennedy (2008-2009)
Robert Scott Wilson (2013-present)
Current status Contract, regular
Duration 1997-2003, 2008-2009, 2013-present
First appearance December 25, 1992
April 29, 2013
Created by Megan McTavish
Introduced by Felicia Minei Behr (1992)
Francesca James (1997)
Julie Hanan Carruthers (2008)
Ginger Smith (2013)
Gender Male
Born December 24, 1992
Age 21
Occupation CEO of Cortlandt Electronics
Owner of CortApps
Former student at Stanford
Former intern at Fusion Cosmetics
Residence Cortlandt Manor (Opal's House)
Parents Opal Cortlandt (mother)
Palmer Cortlandt (father)
Siblings Tad Martin (half-brother via Opal - Tad was adopted by Joe and Ruth Martin)
Romances Celia Fitzgerald (crush)
Aunts and uncles Bess Cooney (via Palmer)
First cousins Dixie Cooney (cousin)
JR Chandler (first cousin, once-removed)
Kathy Martin (first cousin, once-removed via Dixie)
AJ Chandler (first cousin, twice-removed)

Peter "Pete" Cortlandt is a fictional character on the ABC daytime and Prospect Park's online soap opera All My Children. Pete was on ABC's AMC from 1997-2003 and 2008-2009. He is the son of Palmer Cortlandt and Opal Cortlandt.  He is currently protrayed by Robert Scott Wilson, debuting in the reboot premiere episode.



Pete was born on-screen on December 1992 to Opal Cortlandt and is the biological son of Palmer Cortlandt.  Both parents were surprised of the pregnancy because Opal assumed that she was experiencing menopause and Palmer assumed he was sterile due to a riding accident few years back.  A DNA test proved that Palmer was indeed the father and that Opal wasn't unfaithful.  He was a troubled young boy and was sent to a boarding school.


Pete returned on July 11, 2008 and started a friendship with Colby Chandler.  He begain having feelings for Colby, but she didn't return any romantic feelings to him.  Pete decided to work with Adam Chandler and taint the Fusion's new perfume, Bella, with a allergic causing chemical.  This was done so Adam could seize control over a less valued stock of Fusion. Pete had dreams of going to Harvard, but put it on hold for working at Fusion.  Pete tried drastically to gain Colby's attention.  Colby finally spent some time with Pete, but the friendship didn't blossom into anything more. Opal in late 2009 reveals that Pete has moved to Switzerland and became enamored by a Swiss "snow bunny"


Pete is seen driving back and arrives back home again to Pine Valley to reminisce with his mother Opal on the first episode of the show's revival online on the internet on April 29, 2013.  It is revealed that he dropped out of Stanford to run a business in California.  She wants him to take over Cortlandt Electronics.  He bumps into Celia Fitzgerald and is enamored by her.  She claims that she is an art history teacher at her former high school. This causes Pete to decide to stay in Pine Valley for couple days, which gets Opal really happy.  Opal suggests that they do scrapbooking and Tai Chi.  Pete asks Opal questions about a private school with the same uniform that Celia was wearing.  He tells Opal that this questioning is for a focus group for Cortlandt Electronics.  He goes to a cafe and thinks a girl named Heather is Celia.  He is able to find more information on Celia and her school Bramwell High.  Pete finds a student file on Celia.  He finds the file that his mother deleted from Brooke's computer, because Opal wanted Pete to look like a hero.  Pete then to sneak Celia out of her room and they go on a date. (5-6-13)  Pete then introduces his friend Dylan Wilder to Jane McIntyre. (5-7-13)  Dylan is confused on what's keeping Pete in Pine Valley without Pete hooking up with a woman. Pete returns and have a conversation with Dylan.  Dylan is smitten with Jane and Pete shuts that down, then Dylan wonders who Pete is hooking up with in Pine Valley since it has been a week in town.  Dylan assumes that it is an older woman, but Pete spots Celia and goes to set up another meeting/date.  He returns and Dylan understands what's keeping him occupied.  Dylan says on when he is going to get into Celia's pants, which a returned Celia overhears.  Celia leaves and Pete says that Celia is special and he wants to see what a relationship with her could lead to.  Pete thinks that Celia is standing him up while Celia thinks that Pete is only charming his way into Celia's pants.  Celia and Pete finally work it out and they go on couple dates.

Pete has to tell his mother Opal why he has a scratch on his eye.  Opal then goes to Bramwell Hall to pay for repairs on the already broken trussel and the headmistress of the school, Evelyn Johnson, decides to give Celia an European vacation for the rest of spring and summer.  However, Celia refuses because she is falling in love.  Meanwhile, Pete has a meeting with Frank, Cortlandt Electronics finance guy, and says that the company needs someone to finance the relaunch of the company.  David Hayward is listening into the conversation and comes over to Pete when Frank leaves.