Scott Chandler
Scott chandler - cosgrove
Daniel Cosgrove as Scott Chandler
All My Children
Portrayed by Philip Amelio (1988–91)
Shane McDermott (1995–96)
Daniel Cosgrove (1996-98, 2010-11)
Forbes March (1999–2000)
Adam Mayfield (2009–10)
Current status Former/Final
Duration 1988-1991, 1995-2000, 2009-2011
First appearance 1988
Last appearance September 23, 2011
Created by Lorraine Broderick
Introduced by Stephen Schenkel
Family Chandler family
Alias(es) Scott Parker (biological birth name)
Gender Male
Born c1979
Age c34
Occupation Data entry clerk at Pine Valley Hospital
Former CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Formerly owned a Chicago-based company specializing in the production of medical videos
Former Film school student at New York University
Former Cameraman at WRCW
Former Student at UCLA
Former Intern at WRCW
Former Summer intern at Tempo magazine
Parents Fred Parker (biological father)
Cindy Parker Chandler (mother)
Stuart Chandler (adoptive father)
Spouses Annie Lavery (divorced, 2010)
Children Emma Lavery (former step-daughter)
Aunts and uncles Adam Chandler (adoptive uncle)
First cousins Skye Quartermaine (adoptive cousin)
JR Chandler (adoptive cousin)
Colby Chandler (adoptive cousin)
AJ Chandler (adoptive first cousin/once removed)

Scott Chandler was a fictional character on ABC All My Children



Scott is the son of Fred Parker and his wife Cindy (Ellen Wheeler). Fred was an intravenous drug user, and through the sharing of needles he contracted the HIV virus, which resulted in his death from AIDS. In 1988, Cindy is befriended by Jesse and Angie Hubbard, who take her and Scott into their home. Scott becomes best friends with Jesse and Angie's son Frankie, and the Hubbards are Cindy's closest supporters when she develops AIDS herself. Cindy is ostracized by many Pine Valley residents, including Skye Chandler (Robin Christopher), Enid Nelson (Natalie Ross), and a hate group that sets fire to the Hubbard home. Cindy would later die, but not before falling in love with and marrying Skye's uncle Stuart Chandler (David Canary), who adopts Scott.

Scott started Pine Valley High School in 1995 and developed a crush on his best friend Anita Santos, but she was madly in love with Bobby Warner. Scott then turned to Laura Kirk, a girl he was tutoring. Scott's smarts helped him to skip his senior year of high school, and go straight to college. Laura and Scott's relationship never actually went anywhere because Laura had a dark past and felt it better that they go separate ways. Next he began a romance with Hungarian princess, Gillian Andrassy. Kelsey Jefferson, who liked Scott, teamed up with Ryan Lavery to break them up. After the original plan went bad, Kelsey called immigration to have Gillian deported. Scott told Gillian he would marry her so she wouldn't have to leave. But before they could say "I do," the wedding was interrupted by Ryan who was pretending to be rich to get Gillians attention. Gillian fell for it and married Ryan anyway. That same year the Chandler family was being attacked by Lee Hawkins, who blamed Adam, Scott's uncle for the death of his wife Joy. The real story was that Adam & Stuart sent Joy into hiding to escape her abusive husband. Scott was electrocuted at the Chandler cabin and fell into a coma. After his recovery, Stuart sent him to college in California to escape Lee.

Becca and GreenleeEdit

Scott came back to Pine Valley in 1999 to do a documentary about the town. While in Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, he met an assistant: Becca Tyree. They grew very close and Scott wanted to be intimate. Becca turned him down telling him she was a virgin, and was waiting for marriage. Scott told her he would wait for her but that all went up in smoke when Greenlee Smythe came to Pine Valley. The two dated back in California and she was still very much attracted to him. Greenlee set it up for Becca to find a sex tape she'd made with Scott. When Scott found out, he went to confront her but ended up sleeping with her. Becca found the tape. Becca ended their relationship even though Scott still wanted to be with her. Greenlee made a bet with Leo du Pres to see if he could get Becca to give up her virginity to him. Scott created a website where men placed bets on when the two would sleep together and put it in Leo's name. His plan was abandoned when he found his stepmother Marian Chandler in bed with another man. Before he could tell his father, Stuart was thought to have died in a cabin fire. After trying to stay with his family without his father, he decided to make a fresh start. He told Becca that the website was his idea, but she could't forgive him. Scott enrolled at in film school at NYU.


In the wake of JR Chandler's intention to make cuts within Chandler Enterprises, Scott returns on April 9, 2009 and greets his cousin with a punch in the face. Adam had refused earlier to cut finances towards Scott's film production company out of a promise he had made to Stuart. On May 19, 2009, Scott learned that his father was killed by a bullet meant for his uncle Adam. His cousin JR and him are fighting for Marissa Tasker's attention who is the daughter of JR's sworn enemy and ex-father-in-law David Hayward.

He had an affair with his uncle's wife Annie Lavery. He and Annie found out that Adam killed his twin brother Stuart and kept it a secret to protect Adam.

Life with AnnieEdit

Scott became engaged to Annie Chandler on July 21, 2010.

On July 9, 2010 Scott's cousin JR found out that he stole the Nanotech project from his uncle Palmer Cortlandt.

In late 2010, Scott and Annie divorced.


On October 13, 2010, Scott went to prison.

On December 27, 2010, Marissa visited Scott in prison to wish him a Merry Christmas and to help him get an early parole. Greenlee Smythe visited Scott in prison on January 10 letting him know she had an offer for him; she will get him a job as co-owner of Pine Valley Hospital if he befriends Madison North, who he had met earlier while she was there to see her father. He told Greenlee that he was going to do this "his way". Greenlee spoke on Scott's behalf at his parole hearing and he was released from prison.

Fresh StartEdit

Greenlee got Scott a job as a data entry clerk at Pine Valley Hospital (as part of their agreement). He is also starting to date Madison (as part of his side in the agreement).