During the ABC's All My Children network finale in September 2011, we hear a shot ring out as the cliffhanger that was meant to be a Friday cliffhanger and the following Monday wrap-up.  With Online Reboot of AMC not starting until April 29, 2013, it gave Prospect Park the ability to lengthen the storyline 5 years from the events of the ABC finale.


According to David's accounts, JR fired a shot (at least one) and David was able to subdue him.  David then fires couple rounds. Tad Martin is presumably dead with Dixie mourning.  Marissa Tasker is revealed to have died due to Bianca Montgomery visiting her gravesite, which Angie further confirms that Marissa died because of the events of the ABC finale (everybody believes that it was JR's bullet, but they put the blame on David).  JR Chandler is seen on life support and David Hayward decides to keep JR on life support (as lengthening his punishment).  David reveals that he pleaded guilty for shooting JR and whatever else he might have done and recieved approximately five year term with Dr. Angie Hubbard helping him get paroled.  David visits a headstone in the premiere episode, but its unclear on if it was Tad's or someone else (it was more gray than Marissa's black headstone).

According to Angie's statements, she reveals that the town wanted to convict David before Marissa's heart stopped beating, but states that they all "know" that its JR's doing. (5-2-13)

People AffectedEdit

Victims - this is a list of people who were either killed or injured from the events. Not neccessary all of them are innocent victims (i.e. JR, presumably)


  • David Hayward (pled guilty, served approximately five year term in prison, on parole due to Angie's help)
  • JR Chandler (according to Angie, JR shot Marissa, though still unknown if this was his target)

Other Presumed Victims, but revealed not

  • Tad Martin - Dixie Cooney seemingly mourns Tad, but later reveals to Joe Martin that he is on an assignment
  • Erica Kane - once believed that she was the main victim, but on GH Kate Howard and Todd Manning mentioned another character who is in fashion (being Erica Kane) and Bianca mourning Marissa and not mentioning about Erica while talking at the cemetery.

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