Tim Dillon
All My Children
Portrayed by Michael Shulman (1989-1991)
Thomas J. Michaels (1991-1999)
Dylan Fergus (2002)
Duration 1989-1999, 2002
First appearance 1989
Last appearance 2002
Cause/reason Returned to Denver, Colorado
Created by Margaret DePriest
Family Dillon family
Nickname(s) Timmy
Alias(es) Timothy Hunter (birth name)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Parents Natalie Marlowe Dillon (mother; deceased)
Alexander Hunter (biological father; deceased)
Trevor Dillon (adoptive father; deceased)
Janet Marlowe Dillon (adoptive step-mother)
Siblings Amanda Dillon (adoptive paternal half)
Jeremy Hunter (biological paternal half; deceased)
Gilbert Nordstrom (biological paternal half)
Romances Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone (dated)
Grandparents Wilma Marlowe (maternal grandmother)
Aunts and uncles Janet Marlowe Dillon (maternal aunt)
Arlene Dillon Vaughan (adoptive paternal aunt)
Nieces and nephews David Rampal (biological paternal half-nephew; via Jeremy)
Trevor Martin (adoptive paternal half-nephew)
First cousins Amanda Dillon (biological maternal first cousin)
Hayley Vaughan Santos (adoptive paternal first cousin)
Lorenzo "Enzo" Santos (adoptive paternal first cousin once removed)
Trevor Martin (biological maternal first cousin once removed)

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