Trevor Dillon
James Kiberd as Trevor Dillon
Portrayed by James Kiberd
Current status Deceased
Nickname(s) "Uncle Porkchop" (by niece Hayley)
Namesake(s) Trevor Jacob Martin (grandson)
Cause of death Killed by his wife, Janet
Occupation Former Policeman

Former Lawyer

Siblings Arlene Dillon Vaughan
Spouses Natalie Marlowe (deceased)

Carla "Laurel" Delaney Banning (deceased) Janet Marlowe (dissolved by his death)

Children Timothy Hunter Dillon (Natalie's son; adopted by Trevor)

Amanda Maureen Dillon (with Janet)

Grandchildren Trevor Jacob Martin (by Amanda)
Nieces and nephews Hayley Vaughan Santos (via Arlene)

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