Winifred - Cheryl Hulteen
Cheryl Hulteen as Winifred
Online Reboot of AMC
All My Children
Portrayed by Cheryl Hulteen (1991-2011, 2013-present)
Current status Recurring
Duration 1991-2011, 2013-present
First appearance 1991
Gender Female
Occupation Adam Chandler's maid
Nieces and nephews Sydney Harris

Winifred is a fictional character on the Online Reboot of AMC and previously a recurring character on ABC's All My Children. She is the maid of Adam Chandler's and thus also going to be working for Brooke English and AJ Chandler (if AJ stays at Chandler Mansion when JR recovers and if/when released from the hospital).  She is also the aunt of Sydney Harris.  She returns to AMC on May 8th, 2013 episode.




She is seen handing Adam Chandler his iterary and delievering a package for AJ Chandler (the crossages for the prom). (4-8-13)

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